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Prince Petal has a problem. For years he’s worked hard to establish himself as a respectable gentleman and the finest fencer in the Nine Kingdoms. But a war is brewing, and his mother is convinced an arranged marriage, and Petal bearing a heir, is the solution. Can Prince Petal alone stop a war to save his identity? With the intervention of a traveling entertainer and her mysterious collection of puppets, there might be a chance…

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Plague Ward

There isn’t an illness around that Michael can’t cure. Between his medical knowledge, and the fact that he’s a warlock, there’s little to worry about if you’re in his care. However, when it’s less of an illness and more of a curse, well, that’s another problem entirely. A plague is beginning, with patients on the brink of death and mysterious witches running around the hospital, and if Michael doesn’t find a solution soon, there’s no telling how far it might spread.

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The Many Roots of Desire

The Many Roots of Desire
At Gordon High School, in the town of Nichol, three witches hide their abilities and try to get their lives sorted out. A bookish teacher questions her relationship with her otherworldly partner. A volleyball star demands nothing but perfection from herself, despite the scars it causes. A scared freshman hides in her room, questioning who she is, and her very humanity. But as something sinister grows beneath the earth of the town, reaching out to kidnap and replace students, they’ll have to put their personal problems aside if they want the school, and themselves, to survive…

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