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Prince Petal has a problem. For years he’s worked hard to establish himself as a respectable gentleman and the finest fencer in the Nine Kingdoms. But a war is brewing, and his mother is convinced an arranged marriage, and Petal bearing a heir, is the solution. Can Prince Petal alone stop a war to save his identity? With the intervention of a traveling entertainer and her mysterious collection of puppets, there might be a chance…

Strings is a fantasy novella of political problems, princely passions, and puppets. It was originally an experiment in writing in third person (I normally use first, as you may know) but quickly turned into attempting to create the kind of fantasy drama I want to read. It’s equal parts cute, sad, and passionate, and I hope you’ll give it a try! If you’re not sure if the book is for you, I do have a short story set in that world you can take a look at, called “Forgotten Riches”, which is available here!

You can buy it below, or, if you’d prefer, on Amazon.

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