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Dragon Moms Vol. 1: Playing Family

Dragon Moms Vol. 1

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. One, for example, could be a strong ex-soldier, now stuck at a desk job with an unexpected egg from a little fling with a young guy. One could be a happy, energetic baker, adopting a lost human child even though it could bring about a second human war. And one could even be a terrifying, eternal dracolich, trying to figure out a new, less evil way of life for her and her constructed child. No matter what kind of mother, though, one thing is clear: in the dragon lands, motherhood is always an adventure.

Dragon Moms Vol. 1 is the first collection (of 3, I think it’ll ultimately be) of entries from my serial story, Dragon Moms! This whole Dragon Moms endeavor was originally a whim, but has turned into something fantastic that I love with my whole heart. It’s a story of emotions and politics and cuteness, but most of all, it’s a story about family, and our three mothers defining what family means to them. If you haven’t started Dragon Moms, or don’t like reading on, this is the collection for you! If you’re already a reader, this book contains an exclusive, canon short story about Gloria’s son, Flare! Please, check it out, and support the ongoing story!

You can buy the book on Amazon, if you’d prefer, or directly from me below!

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